Capture Image And Video With Jing By TechSmith

Have you heard of Jing? No, it is not some kind of Oriental martial art or Chinese tea?

It is a simple and free program that allows you to capture images and record video right away on your computer, and then share them with anyone.

Jing from TechSmith is a tool that you can use to take pictures or videos on your computer screen with just one click. The maximum time frame for video is only 5 minutes.

Then you just take your image or video, click “Send to Screencast”, and it will instantly upload your content and provide you a URL which you can use to share your image or video.

With the help of Jing, you can add an image to your website, blog, wiki, or share your captures through email, IM, flickr, Twitter, Facebook or

You can edit your images with a text box, arrow, highlight, or picture caption.

In addition, you can also record narration or commentary to it.

Here are some ways you can make use of Jing:

Make Personalized Videos
If you need to make a short personalized video to your clients or even friends, then use Jing. It is quick and hassle-free. (5 minute long)

Make Quick Informative Screenshots
For instance you need to discuss about a design to your client.

You can use Jing to capture a screenshot of the design. Then edit it with arrow, highlight or caption to explain the details. Then sent the URL to your client.

Answer Emails Faster
You can reply tons of email quickly with this tool. You just open up Jing, respond to them immediately and get over it. Then send the videos out. No more wasting time typing outreach mail.

It even provides a comprehensive tutorials to assist those of you who are still clueless about this amazing tool. Just click here.

Here is an easy-to-follow tutorial you should check out:

Quick, get your free basic version Jing now.