Get Your Car Engine Running Smoothly With Carburetor Spray Cleaner

Carburetor Spray Cleaner: Is your car giving you problems like, difficult in starting each time when you turn on the ignition, engine sounds rough when idling, high exhaust emissions or even stalling?

From my own personal experience with my old jalopy, the problem is the carburetor.

You see, over the years, the carburetor throat is clogged with gums, varnish and carbon deposits left from gasoline.

To overcome the above mentioned problems, you need to clean the carburetor, using a carburetor cleaner spray.

You can buy your can of carburetor and choke cleaner spray from any of the auto parts shops in town. It costs only RM15 each.

This is how I clean up my dirty carburetor with the spray:

1.Insert the red plastic straw firmly into nozzle.

2.Turn off your car engine and let it to cool.

3. Remove the air filter.

4. Now start the car engine.

5. With the engine running, carefully aim the straw down and around the carburetor throat to remove deposits. Spray in short spurts.

6. Gums, varnishes, and carbon deposits will be burnt away through exhaust gases.

7. When you spray the cleaner at carburetor throat, the engine will. slow down as if going to stalk.

8. What you do is, use your finger to tug the throttle control cable (near the carburetor), to ramp up the engine.

9. Ramp the engine to run faster and then slow it down to normal idle.

10. Spray it again. Do this a few times

11. Once the cleaning is done. Put back the air filter. Screw back the cover properly.

That’s all.  I hope the carburetor cleaning solution can get your car engine running smoothly again.