How To Change Income Tax e-Filing Password Malaysia

Change income tax e-Filing password Malaysia guide you can understand.

Here is a quick tip on how to change income tax e-Filing password. Remember that your password must be between eight (8) and twelve (12) characters.

Firstly, you have to login to your file.

Click Here.

Type in your MyCard number and password.

Then click the ‘Hantar‘ button.

To change your password, click on ‘Penyelenggaraan Sijil Digital‘ which is on the blue-color menu above.

change income tax e filing password malaysiaIt will drop down a menu displaying two options:

* Tukar Kata Laluan

* Tukar Petunjuk Kata Laluan

Click on ‘Tukar Kata Laluan‘ as shown in the visual above.

Now you will see this:

change income tax e filing password malaysiaMake sure it is selected as ‘Individu‘ for Jenis Sijil Digital.

Type in your current password in the ‘Kata Laluan‘ box.

Type in your NEW password in ‘Kata Laluan Baru‘ box

Again type in your NEW password in the ‘Kata Laluan Baru (Semula)‘.

Then click the ‘Hantar‘ button.

You will receive a successful message.