Change Lifestyle Or Change Government Of The Day

Last Updated: August 19th, 2017

What says you: Change lifestyle or change government of the day?

The cartoon Malaysia below is taking a swipe at the call for “change your lifestyle” by the Malaysian government.

Change Lifestyle Or Change GovernmentChange Lifestyle Or Change Government

Each time when the rakyat (citizens) complain about the rising cost of living, Kerajaan (government) will call Malaysians to change their lifestyle; be prudent in their spending and make the necessary sacrifices.

Currently with the fuel and sugar price hike, I think the government of the day is going to make the clarion call, “change your lifestyle“.

Malaysians have been saying  that the government itself must cut wastage and tackle corruption before they have the right to deny us subsidies.

The government leaders have to show the rakyat (citizens) they are willing to tighten their belts first.

Remember, whatever they spend is the rakyat’s money and they have no right to live like kings while the rakyat suffer.

If this government is really ‘people first’, then they need to show the people they mean what they say by being transparent in all their dealings.

In December 2015, the then Deputy International Trade and Industry Minister, Datuk Ahmad Maslan said the government encourages those in the low-income group to work two jobs, as it is one way to cope with the rising cost of living

He added that that it was normal for those living in rural areas to have multiple jobs.

This silly Malay MP said that some tap rubber in the morning and farm in the evening, while others cut grass in the morning and build homes in the evening.

He explained that it’s not wrong (to have two jobs) in Malaysia, though we have regulations, but it is still one way to address the rising cost of living.

“They can work during office hours (from 8am to 5pm) and still run their online business… As long as they have enough sleep and come to work. They can run their businesses on weekends.”

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