Where To Find Cheap Hawker Food In KL?

The other day a friend of mine ask me where to find cheap hawker food in KL?

Well, these days, most if not all Chinese hawker food selling in kopitiam or food court are rather expensive. The cheapest price for a small bowl of wanton noodle or a plate of chicken rice, now usually costs from RM4.50 and above. Some popular spots are selling at RM6 each.

Personally I know there are two places where you can still get a bowl of Sarawak kolo mee and a set of chicken rice at four Ringgit (RM4.00).

Sarawak Kolo Mee Kuala Lumpur
There is a stall selling Sarawak Kolo Mee in a coffee shop at Pandan Jaya, still at RM4.30 a bowl. Mind you, the portion of the noodle is huge and it comes with six wonderful wanton or ample slices of lean char siew.

"sarawak kolo mee kl"
Sarawak Kolo Mee Pandan Jaya

You can find out more about Sarawak Kolo Mee stall in Pandan Jaya here.

Cheap Chicken Rice In KL
You can still get a plate of chicken rice at four Ringgit over at Taman Pandan Perdana. The stall is called Ming Hai or Meng Hai (written in Mandarin) at Restoran To. This corner coffeeshop is located at the junction of Jalan Perdana 4/8 and Jalan Perdana 4/5 (same row as Seven Eleven) Taman Pandan Perdana.

"cheap chicken rice kl"
Cheap Chicken Rice Pandan Perdana

One more thing, it is not just a few pieces of chicken meat topped on the rice. It comes on a separate plate and a bowl of not-too-salty soup. The portion of the soft and tender chicken meat is reasonably ample too.

Yes, you can still get four ringgit for a bowl of Sarawak Kolo Mee or a set of chicken rice in KL.