Olympus Camera USB Cable From SunteckStore Is Much Cheaper

The other day, I found out that it is much cheaper to buy a camera USB cable online than from stores in Kuala Lumpur. You see,  I lost my Olympus FE-190 digital camera USB cable for some time now. I tried searching for it from various shops in Plaza Low Yat and either they don’t sell it or they do not have particular USB cable.

Then I found out from a lady  staff of Boeing Photo Sungei Wang Plaza, they do have original Olympus camera USB cable which I was looking for, but it costs RM199 each. On that same afternoon, I also discovered from  another camera shop in Bukit Bintang Plaza. I was told they can order for me and the cost of the cable is RM150 each.

Then I thought of giving it up and just use the multi-card reader to transfer images from the camera to my laptop.

olympus camera usb cable sunteckstore china
Olympus Camera USB Cable

Then January 30th, 2012, just for the fun, I tried checking it out on the Internet. That was how I came across this online shopping mall from China called SunteckStore which sells the USB cable which I was looking for. To my surprise, it is much cheaper to buy it online than from shops in Kuala Lumpur.

For standard shipping it only costs USD2.68 (about RM8.12) and no shipping charges. But I went for registered shipping, which cost me an extra of USD2.33 for shipping charges. In total it only cost me USD5.03 (about RM15.24). SunteckStore accepts payment via PayPal account.

After placing my order, I got a conformation email from them. Then on 3rd February 2012, I received another email from its supervisor of customer service, Audrey Lo informing me that my order has been shipped from Hong Kong.

olympus camera usb cable fe-190 cheaper online
Olympus Camera USB Cable FE-190 Cheaper Online

On 9th February 2012, parcel arrived safely (above). But I was not at home that day. I collected the Olympus camera FE-190 USB cable from the Post office the next day. The USB cable works fine.

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