Cinta Ria @ DJ Damansara Jaya Cafe & Restaurant

If it was not because of that one rainy night when the popular Choong Kee Kampar Claypot Chicken Rice shop was fully packed with diners, we (my wife and I) would have not discover the lovely Cinta Ria Cafe & Restaurant or better known as Cinta Ria @ DJ Damansara Jaya. Blessing in disguise, as they say.

"cinta ria @ dj"
Cinta Ria @Dj Cafe & Restuarant

No doubt, we are awared of  the existence Cinta Ria Cafe & Restaurant which is just next door to the Choong Kee Kampar claypot chicken rice shop. Before our surprised discovery of this eatery, which offers great selection of home-cooked western and local favorite  food, we thought it is just another one of those typical overly-priced cafe that served bland food. We were wrong.

Mind you, for a cafe, its food and drinks are very reasonably priced; excluding the usual service charge and government tax. Yes, NO plus this and plus that. It is just simply NETT priced.

As I have just mentioned the menu offered by Cinta Ria Damansara Jaya, Petaling Jaya is a well mixed of both Malaysian food and Western dishes. From nasi lemak ayam rendang to sandwiches to grilled chicken.Yes, you can even get to sip your favorite local Kopi O in the traditional Chinese kopitiam porcelain cup and saucer set, for just RM2.50 nett. (even the local kopi O served at Toast Box in the food court costs much more).

cinta ria @dj local kopi
Local Coffee At Cinta Ria Cafe And Restaurant

Each time if we happen to be in the Damansara Jaya area, we would definitely pop over to have a bite.

The other hazy afternoon, we went to our so-called “love haunt” aka Cinta Ria @DJ Cafe And Restaurant for a quick lunch. You can say, we have jatuh cinta (fallen in love) with Cinta Ria @DJ.

"baked chicken lasagna cinta cafe & restaurant"
Yummy Chicken Lasagna @ Cinta Ria Cafe
"cinta ria cafe and restaurant"
Fried Meehoon Siam

We ordered a simple yet tasty fried Meehoon Siam, local coffee together with its luch set( baked chicken lasagne, iced peach tea, mini tiramisu). It cost us only RM30.30.

"cinta ria damansara jaya"
Nett Priced At Cinta Ria @DJ

That afternoon, I also discovered that this family-run cafe has started offering Tea Break Special from 3 p.m to 6 p.m.

Next time, if you are at that area, you should it a try and maybe you will fall in love with Cinta @ DJ Damansara Jaya too.

*Updated (July 2013): I was there with my friend the other day, and I discovered that it has included the 5% service charge in the billing. No more nett price as before.

cinta ria cafe damansara jaya

Personally I don’t understand why most retail shops, restaurants and hotels prefer to ‘openly’ add the service charge and the government tax in their billings. Can’t they just ‘quietly’ add it’ into the cost price and then claim as nett price?

I don’t know about other people,  nett price without the extra charges sounds more attractive to me, even though I know that it has included into the cost.