Coffins For Dead Serious Music Lovers Only

This Hi-Fi coffin is worth dying for. A revolutionary customized sound system specially for audiophiles who believe in music after death.

This beautifully-crafted coffin with angel-white heaven-sent plush interior. Installed with two-way speakers, tweeters, custom-built amplifier and sub-woofers. Price rangng from €23,500.

catacombo sound system  for grave

The man behind this forever CataCombo  sound system is none other than the crazy Fredrik Hjelmquist, CEO of PAUSE Home Entertainment Store in Sweden. He was also known as the Human Jukebox back in 2010, when he swallowed a tailored made wireless receiver-speaker “capsule” aka GutPod inside his stomach and he can play music inside his belly.

Anyway, check out the video below about this sleek and stylish coffin for those who are dead serious about music.