How To Communicate With Anyone By David Hirst

For Malaysians who want to improve their communication skills, this is one book which  I strongly recommend. It is written by David Hirst. It is entitled “How To Communicate With Anyone: Change the Way You Interact with People Forever“.

This enjoyable and useful 292-page book on  communication is written in simple language and packed with practical advice, helpful analogies and real-life examples to help you understand better.

how to communicate with anyone david hirst
How To Communicate With Anyone David Hirst

David Hirst covers both aspects of verbal and non-verbal communication, like body language, eye contact and postures.

Personally, when I read through this book, I am impressed with Hirst’s vast knowledge on the subject of communication, which  are useful to both amateur and professional public speakers as well. In other words, David Hirst knows what he’s talking.

Believe me,  this book is a good buy anytime. The content is insightful and informative.

You can get “How To Communicate With Anyone” by David Hirst  from MPH bookstores.