Contraception In Malaysia: World Contraception Day 2011

Talking about contraception in Malaysia, how many Malaysian men and women know that September 26, is “World Contraception Day”? It is an annual campaign to bring awareness to the world that “every pregnancy is wanted”.

“World Contraception Day” (WCD) is to enable young people all over the world to make informed decisions on sexual and reproductive health.

According to, this year WCD 2011 focuses on the need to encourage young people to exercise their right to search for accurate, unbiased information about contraception to prevent an unplanned pregnancy or sexually transmitted infection (STI).

"catholic contraception beliefs"
Catholic Contraception View

Of course there is this issue of contraception against religion. I read  from the Internet that the Qur’an doesn’t make any explicit statements about the morality of contraception. But many conservative Islamic leaders have openly campaigned against the use of condoms or other birth control methods.

It is said that because many Muslims interpret the line from the Koran: “You should not kill your children for fear of want” (17:31, 6:151), as  a ban to contraception.

The Roman Catholic Church morally opposed to artificial contraception outside of the context of marital  intercourse. The only form of birth control permitted is abstinence.

As for Sikhs, there is no objection to birth control, and in Buddhism, there is no widely recognized policy on birth control as well.