How To Copy Look Inside Pages Of Amazon Books 2021

Do you want to know how to copy Look inside pages Amazon books from Amazon website?

By default, the few preview pages of the books cannot be copied directly.

By the way, this is the second time this blog post has to be updated.

My last rewrite of this tutorial is not usable any more.

This is a newly updated tutorial on how to copy Amazon book Look inside pages. (last updated May 2021)

I need to rewrite it is because the interface of the free sample Look inside pages of Amazon books has changed.

This is my new way of copying the preview pages (Look inside) of books from Amazon site.

This method works for both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browser.

Copy Look Inside Pages With Web Developer Tools

This time you use the web developer tools to copy out the text.

With this new method, you can only copy books which have Kindle sample pages .

The drawback is, you can only copy one paragraph at a time.

But this time, you do not have to use the Optical Character Recognition, or OCR tool to convert the JPEG format to editable text.

You just copy out the text and paste it on the Notepad.

Then you can edit the text right away and then save it a txt file.

Copy Look Inside Pages Amazon Books

Copy Look Inside Pages Amazon Books

Now, let’s find out how to do it:

1. Go to the book in Amazon site, which you would like to copy its preview pages.

2. Click on “Look inside” above the book cover.copy amazon look inside pages

3. Then click on “Kindle” next to “Available Sample:“.

copy Amazon Kindle sample pages4. Now, let’s open the browser web developer tools.

5. To get the web developer tools, you can either press the F12 key or right click on the page.

6. The pop-up menu appears, then click on “Inspect (Q)“.

web inspector tools firefox

7. The web developer tools appears.

Note: You can change the location of the web developer tools by clicking on the small three dots.

A context menu pops up with 4 options to choose from: Dock to Bottom, Dock to right, Dock to Left & Separate Window.

For my easier usage, I docked it at the bottom of the page.

8. Now, move your mouse cursor to the first icon (Pick an element from the page) on the left side of the tool and click on it.

9. The page-with-arrow icon should be in sky blue color.

Kindle free samples

10. Then shift the mouse cursor over the paragraph of text that you want to copy.

11. You should see a lighter shade of sky blue overlay on the text.

Amazon Look Inside books

12. Click on the text and the sky blue color overlay will disappear instantly.

13. Now the sky blue color appears over the code in the web developer tools.

get kindle book samples

14. Click on the tiny three dots in the white box located in the code.

amazon kindle book samples

15. Immediately the selected paragraph of text appears below it.

Amazon Look inside hack

Note: For Google Chrome, there is NO three dots. You just double click on the blue color overlay code.

Instantly the text will appear right under the code.

16. Shift your mouse cursor over the text and click TWICE.

17. Then right click on it and a context menu pops up.

18. Click on “Copy“.

copy look inside amazon books

19. Now open or launch the Notepad.

20. Right click on the empty page.

21. A context menu pops up, click on “Paste“.

22. Now, the paragraph of text copied from Amazon preview page is right on your Notepad.

free kindle sample pages

23. Save it and now you can even edit it to your requirement.

24. To get the next content from the preview pages of the Amazon book, you just repeat the process all over again.

This is how you can still copy the Look inside preview pages of books from Amazon website.

That’s all.

But please do not plagiarize like this Malaysian female The Star columnist.

Use this Amazon Look inside hack for personal noncommercial purpose.

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