Dato Jimmy Choo Malaysia Wants To Buy Back His Namesake Brand

In 2011, Dato Jimmy Choo Malaysia shoemaker was eager to buy back his namesake brand.

But in the May 2009 issue of Reader’s Digest, Malaysian-born shoe maker Dato Jimmy Choo said he has NO REGRETS selling his stake in Jimmy Choo.

He added that the company still bears his name and nobody can take away ‘Jimmy Choo‘ from him. (see visual below)

Dato Jimmy Choo Malaysia

He means his own name Jimmy Choo, or Mr. Choo Yeang Keat. But the fashion world is talking about Jimmy Choo the brand.

Jimmy Choo cobbler

Then why in 2011, haute couture shoes maker Jimmy Choo Yeang Keat hired London-listed broking firm Daniel Stewart to help him bid to buy back the company he co-founded 15 years ago?

I thought he said nobody can take away ‘Jimmy Choo’ from him!

Dato Jimmy Choo Lost Jimmy Choo

As you have already know, Jimmy Choo Yeang Keat DID NOT manage to get back Jimmy Choo the company founded by Tamara Mellon.

Alas, Jimmy Choo ‘lost’ JIMMY CHOO again.

It was sold to Labelux for £500m.

Who owns Jimmy Choo now?

In 2017, Jimmy Choo was brought by Michael Kors Holdings for 896 million pounds .

As reported the founder of JIMMY CHOO, sexy and shrewd  Tamara Mellon (below) made £85million from the £525.5million sale of the business.

Dato Jimmy Choo Malaysia

Anyway, today Dato Jimmy Choo is enjoying himself as Malaysia’s Tourism Ambassador to the United Kingdom.

He may not be invited to Jimmy Choo Ltd parties, even though he is the man behind the name.

But this Malaysian Chinese cobbler from Penang is getting so much limelight and respect from his own country, Malaysia.

And the many official invitations and rubbing shoulders with Malaysian VVIPs.

Some of you may say, Jaguh Kampung (village hero).  Who cares when he is a A-list celebrity in Malaysia.

Well, as they say, home is still the best place to be.