Dead Pigs, Processed Foods And Pork Meat Malaysia

This morning I saw a group of disgrunted (no pun intended) Chinese men at a traditional kopitiam, drinking kopi-O and eating char siew pau, yakking about the latest controversial news report about Kiew Brothers dried meat having excessive cancer-causing preservative.

Just last month, it was reported in the Malaysian news about the alleged pork from dead pigs being used for processed foods.

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Dead Pigs And Processed Foods Malaysia

According to Malaysian pork sellers association chief Goh Chui Lai, those unhealthy pigs were being slaughtered at illegal unhygienic abattoirs, and were distributed all over Malaysia.

In fact before it was exposed by NTV7’s Mandarin of Edisi Siasat about pig farmers who sold carcasses to make pork sausage, smoked pork, dim sum and char siew pau, most Malaysian Chinese know or rather suspected all this time that the pork used for the above mentioned foods and foodstuff is of sub-standard quality.

Most of these Chinese food and foodstuff like bak kut teh, smoked pork, char siew, pork sausage, pork balls and all those dim sum delicacies which use pork, they can use low quality meat. You won’t know the difference because the meat is thoroughly mixed up with spices, herbs, sauces, sugar, salt, preservatives and Monosodium glutamate (msg).

Have you ever look at those minced pork to make meat balls or those minced pork use in your favorite bowl of pork noodle soup?

Next time take a closer look at the hawkers’ glass cabinet where they put their heap of minced pork. It is not thoroughly reddish, but mixed up with white flimsy pig ligament, fat and god-knows-what.

From my personal observations, many pork sellers in the wet markets, they just carelessly abandon their minced meat machines; subject to rain, dust, rats, roaches and flies. They never really clean and store them properly after used. If you don’t believe me, the next time you are the wet market, take a peep at their minced meat machines. You might never eat minced meat again.

Talking about unhygienic pork, beware of those made-in-China canned food; especially those pork, pork ribs or pork legs and also the popular processed luncheon meat. Not forgetting their expiring dates.

Whatever it is, eat less meat. Avoid processed food. Those prepacked and frozen stuff. Have you heard of  Meat Free Monday? It is a not-for-profit campaign which encourages one to give up meat for one day each week; so you can save money, reduce your environmental impact and live a healthier life

Consume real food, like green vegetables and fruits. It is also a good way to keep obesity at bay.  Choose healthy and happy lifestyle.

Food & Health Quote: “Those who think they have no time for healthy eating will sooner or later have to find time for illness.” -Edward Stanley

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