Disposable Chopsticks Can Kill You Just Like Unhealthy Food

Some time ago, we were told that fake banana leaves are bad for health.  How many of you Malaysian Chinese know that the disposable chopsticks are health-hazard too? Yes, those single-attached or two separate chopsticks made from wood or bamboo which you get them for free when you ta-pau (take away) your food or have it there at the eateries.

disposable chopsticks health hazard

Back in 2008, according to a research conducted by Yuanpei University Department of Environmental Engineering and Health, Taipei, Taiwan, these given away free disposable chopsticks are made of processed bamboo and wood. During thee manufacturing process, bleach and artificial preservatives are used which contained high doses of heavy metals.

Disposable Chopsticks Safety
The policy of the Taiwan Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), has already curbed the use of disposable chopsticks in schools and government agencies and encourages the use of non-disposable stainless tableware.

No wonder, recently when I was in a noodle shop in Taipei, Taiwan, I noticed a lady customer sitting beside me, brought out her her own pair of chopsticks when eating her bowl of noodles. By the way, that noodle shop provides stainless steel chopsticks.

disposable chopsticks cancer

Disposable Chopsticks Chemicals
Studies showed that these disposable chopsticks release formaldehyde and sulfur which is contaminated with pathogenic E. coli. Further more, they also found traces of chromium, cadmium, and lead. It is said that if you is exposed to chromium, there is an increase incidence of various human cancers. For Malaysian men, please be informed that acute intake of cadmium can cause necrosis and degeneration of the testes with total loss of spermatozoa. Yes, no sperm, man.

Disposable Chopsticks Cancer
In addition, Cadmium is also carcinogenic and has been linked to lung and prostate cancer (again Malaysian men beware!). Lead can affect various organs and organ systems in your body.

Cadmium and lead can reduce cognitive development and intellectual performance in children and damage kidneys and the reproductive system.

So it’s not only your favorite oil-saturated and cholesterol-laden¬† food that can shorten your life. It is better to stay way from using these free disposable chopsticks soaked with deadly chemicals. Stick to your pair of clean hands (when eating rice and snacks) and stainless forks and spoons.

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