Eating Char Siew Or BBQ Pork And Cancer Risks

Do you know that eating those charred or burnt char siew can cause cancer? I know many Malaysians, especially love to eat char siew or barbecued pork. Whether the so-called the best char siew in KL or PJ. Those sweet sticky caramelized and charred barbequed pork, with both lean and fat meat.

barbecued meat cancer risk

According to many medical reports from cancer societies, those who regularly consume meat cooked at a high temperature, to the point of charring, could increase the risk of cancer by 60 per cent.

There is a research which claims that well and very well done meats cooked by frying, grilling or barbecuing form carcinogens. which is a cancer-causing agent.

When I first came to work in Kuala Lumpur back in the 80s, I was shocked to see food stalls selling burned charred char siew. I didn’t know it was char siew then. It is basically full of fat with little lean meat and it is badly burned. And I was told the folks in KL and PJ love those charred parts. Yes, eating charcoal, so to speak.

char siew barbecued pork from muar
Famous For Char Siew In Muar

I am from Muar or Bandar Maharani and back then when I first saw KL and PJ people eating the blackened burnt char siew was something of a culture shock for me. All this while I am used to eating those Muar char siew or barbecued meat which is mainly lean meat and it is coated with red food coloring.

Personally I do not really dig Muar char siew because of the used of food coloring or dyes. As we all know food coloring and dyes have been linked to allergic reactions, hyperactivity, and even cancer as well.

So, you health-conscious Malaysians, it is better to eat with moderation. Go slow with your charred or burnt char siew or other grilled meat.

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