Your Email Address, Password Or Credit Card Information Could Have Been Stolen

You have read about Adobe’s database had been hacked on October 3th 2013; affecting around 150 million Adobe users.

Besides Adobe, the other stolen data are from these accounts:

– Stratfor
– Gawker
– Yahoo!
– Sony
– Forbes
– Stratfor
– Snapchat
– Vodafone
– Pixel Federation
– Bell
– Spirol
– Tesco
– WPT Amateur Poker League
– United Nations Internet Governance Forum
– Muslim Directory
– Battlefield Heroes
– LinkedIn
– eHarmony
how to find out if your adobe account password was stolen

You can find out whether your info is in their stolen files. There is this tool called Have I Been Pwned?

1. Go to :

2. Type in your email address in the blank space and click “pwned?”.

3. It will tell you whether the stolen databases contain that email address.

Here are four sites where you can check whether your Adobe account was one of the 150 million that were leaked:

Type in your email address in the box and click on “Search” or press Enter key..

1. Random Adobe

Go to:

2. LastPass
Go to:

3. Adobe Breach
Go to:

4. Adobe Cynical
Go to:

For those of you who have an Adobe account, you should immediately go over to: to change your Adobe password right away. The next thing is keep track of all bank and credit card accounts.

To check for: password, go to:

Linkedln password, go to:

eHarmoney password, go to:

Note: Since you have to provide your email address to check and if you are overly concerned about harvesting addresses for spam, then DO NOT use any of the tool mentioned here.