Listen To Endless Free Music Online With Grooveshark

Here is another of my favorite site providing music on-demand, where you can enjoy FREE endless songs. The online music streaming service is based in the United States called Grooveshark.

You can also access its million songs with mobile applications for Android, jailbroken iOS, BlackBerry, and HP Palm WebOS devices.

free music online grooveshark

Recording artists and record labels can promote themselves on Grooveshark. And they can access free data and analytics, for instance the number of times their content has been listened to, together with demographic and where their listeners are from.

I am from Malaysia and I’m using Streamyx (512kbps) and not Unifi broadband, yet I don’t experience any buffering or pausing when using Grooveshark.

If you are interested in listening to millions of free music online, then check out Grooveshark now.