Exposed: Western Union Offline In Malaysian Banks Is A Lie

You have read or heard complaints that Western Union offline in Malaysian banks happen very often.

People have to go back a several times over many days to be able to find one that in online. (that’s if you are lucky!)

Western Union System Often Down In Malaysian Banks Not True!

The truth is Western Union system is NOT down so often as what the bank tellers in Malaysian banks told you so.

It is a big LIE!

The staff of Malaysian banks simply do not want to entertain this online money transaction. That’s all.

western union offline in Malaysian banksIn fact, many Malaysians have encountered this frustrating experience, as highlighted in an online forum.

Someone has already exposed in one online forum that the banks are lying.

He said that he was told by one of his friends who works in the bank, that the truth is the system is not offline.

It is the policy of the banks, not to open Western Union counter during their peak time.

He went on to advise that you can check out it yourself by going to a less busy bank and you will noticed the system “never offline”.

Personally I did not have this nasty experience, when I went to cash out my Google Adsense payment all this time, until recently.

It was precisely on 30th December 2016 (Friday).

I went over to the Public Bank at 44, Jalan Pandan 2/2, Pandan Jaya, Kuala Lumpur.

The tudung-covered awek Melayu casually told me that the system was down.

Then I went back to Public Bank at Pandan Jaya again after the new year break.

Again another tudung-clad Malay girl, without even looking up at me from where she was sitting, she immediately said the Western Union system was down.

From her delivery and tone of her voice, I could sense it was a blatant lie.

When I told her that I came over the Friday before and I was told the system was also down, she added that there is nothing she can do. She said that the problem was Western Union system.

Her body language and the tone of her voice (disinterested) clearly showed she was not telling me the truth.

At the same time, I noticed the female Malay staff sitting next to her (the one who served me on Friday) overheard our conversation, without moving her head, she averted her gaze sheepishly and looked guiltily at her colleague who was lying to me.

Then I drove over to AmBank at Taman Maluri, Cheras.

I was surprised when the staff (another Malay girl) wanted to know precisely who was the sender.

When I told her it was from Google, she told me I could not withdraw it with AmBank.

She told me that their Western Union service only caters to family members only.

As I could not understand what she meant by family members, I got her to explain to me.

She said that the sender must be from your own family members.

I was befuddled. Strange isn’t it? How does the bank know precisely the sender is from one of family members?

By the way, I don’t find this so-called family-only requirement for Western Union by AmBank.

As I do not have time to argue with her, I left for the nearby POS Malaysia outlet in Aeon Taman Maluri to try my luck.

Again I was in for another disappointment. When I went to one of the counter girls (yes, it’s a tudung-wrapped Malay girl again) to inquire about Western Union service.

She confidently told me they have this service and she asked me to refer to another female Melayu staff.

To my surprise, she told me their outlet does not do Western Union transaction anymore!

On that day, I went to Port Klang to see someone for an appointment.

Where I parked my car, I noticed there is a Bank Simpanan Nasional branch across the road.

This time around, I expected to hear the same answer again. I just tried for the fun anyway.

Sure enough, the staff of Bank Simpanan Nasional told me their Western Union system was down.

On the same day, during lunch time, I stopped by AmCorp Mall, Petaling Jaya for a quick bite.

Then I remembered there is a newly opened Western Union agent at the main entrance.

Without any fuss or hassle, I managed to withdraw the cash from here in less than ten minutes.

When I told her about the popular Western Union system down issue with Malaysian banks, the staff laughingly told me that there is nothing wrong with the system.

In other words, Western Union system is NOT down!

She went on to tell me that most Malaysian banks DO NOT want to entertain this popular money transfer service.

Now you now the truth.

The Western Union system is often NOT down so often as what the staff of Malaysian banks want you to believe.

The thing is if the bank is not interested to entertain this money transfer service, just bring the Western Union signage from the premises.

Don’t let people waste their time (making a few trips) and money (vehicle parking and fuel).

It is downright disgusting and insanely inhuman.

They can just advice them to do their transactions at one of those Western Union agents around.

So, the next time, if you need Western Union service, go to one of his agents and not the banks.

Yes, this is the truth. Western union offline in Malaysian banks is just an excuse told by their staff.

Last Updated: July 25th, 2017

This morning I happened to bypass the Public Bank at Pandan Jaya, Kuala Lumpur.

Just for the fun of it, I purposely walked into the bank and asked one of the bank staff (tudung-wrapped awek) for Western Union service.

Sure enough, she answered me instantly that the system is down!

If you don’t believe me, try it out for yourself with any of the banks in your neighborhood.