Eyewear Can Be Worn As Hairband Called Lookie Lous

It it an eyewear? Is it a hairband? Yes, in fact it is both an eyewear and also a hairband. It is called Lookie Lous Headbands.

lookie lous accessory

This simple, sleek and stylish looking hand-made two-in-one accessory made of flexible polycarbonate, weighs less than one ounce, scratch resistance, UV protection and comes in magnifications of 0.0, 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0.

lookie lous by kelly coty

Lookie Lous Headbands have eight different shades:Lookie Lous (clear), London Gray, Los Angeles Sand, Paris Pink, Miami Blue, Nashville Green, New York Black and Vegas Violet.

This futuristic clear-looking eyewear-cum-hairband costs $39.99 each and it is developed by Kelly Coty.