Facial Hair Removal In Malaysia: Traditional Face Threading

Talking about facial hair removal in Malaysia, I know many of my lady friends prefer traditional face threading treatment, even though there are light prickly pain and minor skin irritation.

This ancient method of removing unwanted facial hair has been practiced by women in Asia and Middle East for a long time.

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It is a natural way to remove unwanted facial hair without the use of chemicals that can be harmful to both women with sensitive skin and pregnant & breast-feeding women. But then according to some, facial threading has side effects too. For instance premature wrinkles, pimple outbreaks, itchiness, etc.

I remember during my younger days, the women in my neighborhood usually had their facial threading in the backyard or the back-lane of their homes. Both of them would sit on a low stool during the threading treatment.

What Is Face Threading?
It is a way of removing facial hair with the help of a twisted fine cotton thread; to wrap tightly around the unwanted facial hair. The trapped hair is extricated out from the root. Basically, face threading is achieved by having the hair yanked out by the twisted threads.

Before the threading, the face and the neck area are well-covered with talcum powder. It is said that facial threading includes the ability to pull out individual hairs and the hairs don’t grow back as fast

Price of Traditional Face threading
From what I heard face threading in Malaysia costs around RM 30 t0 RM 50. It is a full face treatment, which means including threading the full face and the neck area as well.

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