Fake Banana Leaves Used By Banana Leaf Rice Restaurants Health Hazard

According Malaysia news today, the fake banana leaves (actually they are paper lined with plastic) used by restaurants which sell banana leaf rice can be a health risk.The Consumers Association of Penang (CAP) president S.M. Mohamed Idris claims that there is chemical leaching when it is hot. In other words, the plastic gives out chemical when it contacts with hot food.

fake banana leaves

So there is a possibility, Malaysians may end up consuming chemical-laced food, when using these fake banana leaves.

S.M. Mohamed Idris explained that the so-called “banana leaf” is actually made of recycled newspapers dyed in harmful green color ink. He added, the rough finish of the paper indicated it is made from recycled newspapers, meaning there could be other harmful inks in it as well.

So, nasi daun kakis or banana leaf rice lovers , you better stop patronizing thoseĀ  food stalls usingĀ  fake banana leaves.

[image: http://www.sachiart.com/images/artpics/ebay/]

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