Feng Shui Master David Koh Wrong Predictions On Malaysian General Election 2013

Last Updated March 17th, 2018

Can you remember Feng Shui Master David Koh wrong predictions about the Malaysia 13th General Election?

While Malaysians are busy and angry arguing over the recent poor 13th general election results aka “Chinese Tsunami” as said by our beloved PM Najib Tun Razak.

But many of us have forgotten to laugh over erroneous predictions by a Malaysian well-known feng shui expert David Koh.

According to this 67 year old Chinese soothsayer, his prediction was based on feng shui calculation known as shi which meant war.

As reported in The Star, he went on to say that Barisan had made many drastic changes with Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak succeeding in winning the hearts of the people following the 2008 “political tsunami”.

He added in the past five years, there has been many transformations implemented by Ah Jib Gor.

Update: The link to The Star has been removed.

This is the URL: http://elections.thestar.com.my/story.aspx?file=/2013/4/12/nation/12959733#.UZIRwspFUVc

Feng Shui Master David Koh Wrong PredictionsYes, Barisan Nasional did win the 13th general election, but with a simple majority; or some called it a hollow victory.

After working so hard campaigning, spending so much money and time walkabout all over Malaysia meeting the rakyat (people), now he must be walking in circles, wondering why his effort has not been rewarded with a big mandate or a two-third majority win.

Feng Shui Master David Koh Wrong Predictions

Professor Master David Koh must be equally disappointed with the outcome as he mentioned the hardworking Ah Gib Gor has done so much for the country.

Furthermore, this time around, Najib’s Barisan Nasional did worst than than his predecessor Abdullah Ahmad Badawi or Pak Lah in political Tsunami 2008.

Feng shui master David Koh Xi-I-Tze also predicted that Barisan Nasional will regain Selangor.

As we all know by now that, Barisan Nasional not only DID NOT manage to wrestle back Selangor, but Pakatan did better than its 2008 election results.

This is not only bad prediction, but a big bad joke!

Several Barisan Nasional bigwigs lost their seats in Selangor.

Oh yes, Master David Koh Xi-I-Tze, just to remind you Pakatan Rakyat won 44 out of 56 seats in Selangor.

This is no prediction. It is an official result.

This Cina feng shui master even predicted that Barisan would also win more state seats in Penang compared with the last general election.

Listen! Listen! Listen!

Professor Master David Koh, Pakatan Rakyat retained Penang, by winning 30 of the 40 state seats.

In fact, Pakatan won extra one more seat this time.

By right, this Chinese feng shui master should have predicted the so-called “Chinese Tusnami“.

Anyway, stop laughing at his not so accurate predictions.

For more information about the recent 13th general election, just check here.

By the way, David Koh  together with Joe Choo used to write for a feng shui column for the MCA-owned The Star newspaper.