Find Out What Your Buyers Are Really Thinking When Buying From You

Know what your customers are thinking when buying: We often segment our customers based on sex, age, social economic status, ethnicity, or culture. =

But if  you want to sell successfully to your potential customers, you really need to reach deep into their brains.

You have to understand the way your buyers’ brains are built.

The key thing is identifying the ways they think and behave.

When you are able to to see the world through their eyes (or rather the way they think), you will know how to engage their interests more effectively.

Here are some tips how to be successful when selling to your next customer:

1. Determine whether that person is a “right-brained” or “left-brained” individual.

Left-brain people focus on logical thinking, analysis, and accuracy

Right-brained people focus on aesthetics, feeling, and creativity.

2. Sell it to the right people: influencers and decision-makers behind the sale. Many a times, they may not be the highest-ranked people in the company.

3.Act safe. In other words, the way you dress, speak or act moderately or what I called “middle-of-the-road” approach  until you know more about the prospect.

4. Without knowing what what type of brain your buyer has, so it make sure your presentation appeals to all four types of brains. structural thinkers (left rain), conceptual thinkers (right brain), analytical thinkers (left brain) and social thinkers(right brain).

Structural Thinkers: They are are practical, extremely detail-oriented, and very organized. They are concerned about whether existing systems might be affected. So, be prepared to list exactly how and when your solution can be implemented.

Conceptual Thinkers: They are what we called “big picture” people who come up with big ideas. Imaginative, and able to understand abstract approaches. They are interested in immediate questions about the outcome.

Analytical Thinkers: They are technical and investigative.

Always examining data and drawing critical, objective conclusions.

They want the bottom line, to make sure your discussion is worth the time it will take.

Armed yourself with answer to all questions with spreadsheets, data, and research,etc.

Social Thinkers: They are very in-tune to the human condition, form personalized and empathic connections with others, and often incorporate teamwork into their daily lives.


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