Where To Find Public Domain Materials And Free Content

Do you know where to find public domain materials and free content?

There are tons of free stuff in the Internet.

I don’t mean all those crappy ebooks or outdated reports from the Internet marketers.

I mean really great materials, ranging from free songs, song sheets, audio recordings, software, moving images, famous books and many more. Yes, they are all free.

There are many public domain materials and content which you can use in your blog freely.

Public domain means almost anything which legally has no owner. Those intellectual property where copyright protection has expired or the creator has formally given his work to the public.

For instance, for those who are fans of The Grateful Dead, you can listen or embed and even download their past live concert recordings and songs for FREE.

Want to know where to find public domain books, songs, articles, images, content, etc?

Here are some great sites with public domain materials and reusable media:

1.  ARCHIVE (all sorts of stuff)

2. Project Gutenberg (various kind of books)

3. PD INFO (public domain and royal-free music)

4. Creative Commons (photos from Flickr, any file type on Yahoo! and Google, and videos on Blip.TV.)

When we share, everyone wins

5. Wikipedia Commons (photographs and documents)

6. The Household Cyclopedia (how-to manuals)

7. Compfight/Flicker Search Tool