First Time Login e-Filing Individual Malaysia Guide

First time login e-filing individual Malaysia guide you can understand.

After you have applied for your PIN Number, now you can go online to do your e-Filing for the very first time.  Yes, you need to go to Login Kali Pertama to activate your PIN Number.

first time login e-Filing individual malaysia Click HERE.

Fill up your PIN Number and MyCard number.

Click the ‘Hantar‘ button.

Then you will be asked to set your password. Make sure you remember or jolt it down somewhere.

You need it when you do the e-Filing to file income tax return the next time around.

Look through all the information.

Click on the ‘Setuju‘ button below.

Finally you will see the page with the sub-heading Langkap 3 with your MyCard number and your income tax reference number.

Click on the ‘Hantar‘ button.

Now you are ready to your e-Filing for the very first time.

I hope this first time login e-Filing individual Malaysia guide is easy to understand enough for everyone.

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