Do You Know Maintenance Free Car Battery Needs Refilling?

Yes, maintenance free car battery needs refilling too.  The other day I was told by my car mechanic that  a maintenance free car battery is not actually totally maintenance-free per se; if you want  it to last longer. You still need to maintain it just like your conventional car battery.

Your traditional battery or lead-acid battery uses up some of the distilled water during the charge-discharge cycle. The electrolysis process will convert the water into hydrogen and oxygen and escapes as gas. That’s why  you need to add the so-called battery water to keep the plates well-soaked.

Maintenance Free Car battery Information
The only thing is a maintenance-free battery uses a calcium alloy of lead which can sustain the water longer without having to refill. That’s all.

The fact is, you still need to refill or top up your maintenance-free battery. It could be due to any abnormal electrical system condition or high surrounding temperature which could boil off some of the existing amount of water inside the battery.

Maintenance Free Car Battery Life
In other words, you still have to add battery water, if you want to extend the service life of your maintenance-free battery. The only thing is you don’t have to top it up or refill it as regular as your traditional car battery.

In addition, from what I have read and heard from friends, maintenance free battery does not last as long as a conventional car battery or lead-acid battery. Personally I am not too sure about that. I have used both types of car battery and they conked out after about a year over.

From what I know, there are caps or openings on top of the battery of a maintenance-free battery. It is well-hidden underneath the sticker. Just peel off the sticker on top of the battery, and you can see a row of caps just like your conventional car battery as shown in the picture below:

"maintenance free car battery life"
Maintenance Free Car Battery Information

Anyway, if you are not too sure about it, check it with your usual car mechanic or those who provide you free car battery delivery service.

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