Free Mammogram Ultrasound KPJ Damansara Specialist Hospital

Good news for those of you Malaysian ladies, particularly those of you who reside in the Klang Valley. You can go for free mammogram ultrasound KPJ Damansara Specialist Hospital.

Mammogram and ultrasound are commonly used to detect breast cancer.

Breast cancer is a major worldwide health problem and the leading cause of death among women of all ethnic backgrounds.

Breast Cancer in Malaysia Statistics 2014

In Malaysia, breast cancer is the most common cancer.

1 in 19 Malaysian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer by the age of 85.

breast cancer in malaysia statistics 2014Around 4000 women are diagnosed each year and it occurs mostly in women aged between 35 and 60. And 40% affected are aged below 50 years old.

To detect the cancer early, women aged 50 and above should go for a breast screening once every two years.

Women between the ages of 40 and 49 should consider an annual screening.

The mammogram is the primary screening tool for women who display no symptoms of the disease.

free breast cancer checkup MalaysiaIf there is any sign the presence of breast lump, then an ultrasound study may be able to accurately distinguish a benign lump from a cancerous one.

In addition to the ultrasound, a biopsy may be needed to confirm that a lump is benign.

Free Mammogram Ultrasound KPJ Damansara Specialist Hospital

To get your FREE mammogram screening and ultrasound, call Aniza at 03-7718 1000 (extention: 1118) for your appointment.

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For Malaysian women who like to know more about this dreadful disease, breast cancer, visit CARIF Malaysia.

Update August 17, 2015:

Today I went for my appointment and I found out that the services are NOT actually free for all as I have mentioned above.

It is completely free unless you are above forty years old.

I think there is a minimum income requirement to enjoy the free services, for those who are still fully-employed.

This morning the staff asked me about my monthly income. As I am unemployed I did get the free checkup without any fuss.

My suggestion is to call up and ask for more details if you are interested in going for the checkup.