Free Old Life Magazines And Public Domain Photos Online

Google has archived a good collection of free old LIFE magazines and historic photos.

LIFE was an American magazine that ran regularly from 1883 to 1972.

Then it came back again from 1978 to 2000.

Life was founded by Henry Luce, publisher of Time, way back in 1883.

It was a general-interest light entertainment magazine; featuring illustrations, jokes and social commentary.

During its times, LIFE’s famous writers, editors, illustrators and cartoonists, include Charles Dana Gibson.

The first issue (November 23, 1936) of the pictorial magazine Life is published, featuring a cover photo of the Fort Peck Dam by Margaret Bourke-White.

You can take all the time in the world to read through every free old issues of LIFE magazines from the year 1935 to 1970.

You can devour all the free issues over HERE.

You can also find a number of free Life magazine here.

Free Old Life Magazines

free life magazines and photos online

If you want to look for millions of photographs (like the famous V-J Day kiss in Times Square above) from LIFE photo archive, from the 1750s to the present days, then click HERE.