Free Psychokinesis Magic Tricks Booklet

You have seen or read magicians performing fascinating tricks or illusions which involved moving physical objects with their mind without physical interaction.

The ability is called psychokinesis (PK) or telekinesis (TK).

Anyway, there are some people who believe in psychokinesis/ telekinesis or other mental power more than others.

That’s why people believe in psychics, fortune-tellers, palm-readers, and astrologists.

free psychokinesis magic tricks bookletBecause of their strong beliefs, these folks do not recognized mental or psychokinesis as merely trickery.

In fact, they enjoy this kind of effect more than the other form of magic tricks

Here is an old classic booklet on PK or psychokinesis tricks, written by Chuck Leach.

I hope yo enjoy learning some of the tricks found in this 15-page booklet.

Click the link below before it is gone.

P K Magic Book Volume 1

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