10 Fun And Interesting Facts About Christmas You May Like To Know

To celebrate the Christmas holidays, I have gathered 10 fun and interesting facts about Christmas to share with you this holiday season.

fun facts about christmas
Fun Facts About Christmas

1. Ho Ho Ho Banned In Australia:  Remember back in year 2007 in Sydney, Australia, Santas were told not to use the Christmas’s traditional “ho ho ho!” greeting? It was because it may be offensive or deemed demeaning to women. Santa Clauses were instructed to use “ha hah ha”,instead.

According to one angry Santa, he was warned not to use “ho ho ho” because it could frighten children and was also too similar to “ho”, a US slang for prostitute. Yes, actually that piece of news report was a joke.  Ha…ha…ha….

2. World’s Biggest Christmas Tree  In Italy: The world biggest “Christmas tree” can be seen on Italy’s Mount Ingino. Actually it not actually a Christmas tree per se. It should be billed as “the world largest Christmas tree display”.

world's biggest christmas tree italyThis so-called biggest Christmas tree is about 1,300 tall and 2,600 feet  at its widest point. It uses 40,000 feet of cable of colorful lights to create an illuminated outline of an decorated fir tree on the slope of Mount Ingino. [source: snopes.com]

3. While  the Muslims in Malaysia who visit cemeteries on the first day of Hari Raya Puasa, the Finnish families visit the graves of deceased family members or relatives on Christmas Eve .

finns visit graves christmas eveBut these folks from Finland, they place lighted candles on the graves in remembrance of deceased relatives. Interestingly, there are people without locally-buried kin, they also visit cemeteries just to enjoy the serene sight of hundreds of glowing candles in the cold snowy graveyards.

4. If you are a fan or a collector of Christmas lights, there is one amazing site glowed and blink non-stop with the history of Christmas tree lamps and the businesses behind them.

antique christmas lights museumIt was started by the late Bill Nelson back in 1999. This site doesn’t sell Christmas lights, it just collect and catalogue the lights and related Christmas lights, products, which include the history of old advertisements, decorated lights used from the pre-electric era, manufacturers’ histories, and patents.

Hope you’ll be dazzled at: http://www.oldchristmastreelights.com/

5. Then there is this site specially focused on those houses overly festooned with tacky and garish Christmas light displays.In other words, house owners with a bad taste of Christmas decoration.See for yourself at:Visit:http://www.uglychristmaslights.com

6. Talking about homes with tacky Christmas lights, have you heard of Tacky Light Tour? Basically it is about touring around some neighborhood gawking and laughing at those homes with over-the-top Christmas decorations and displays.

There are a couple of companies which operate this kind of fun service in United States. They provide  vehicles like sedan, van, SUV, motor coach and even limousine to take you around to witness these crazy overly-decorated houses. Check them out at: http://www.tackylighttour.com/default.aspx

6. Offensive Christmas Songs And Carols: Here are some of the more popular crude and offensive Christmas songs and carols. They are Kevin Bloody Wilson’s Hey Santa Claus, Frosty The Pervert, Dirty  Santa Claus, Grandma Got Run Over By Reindeer, Christmas At Ground Zero by Weird Al Yankovic, The Twelve Drugs Of Christmas, Dirty Christmas Song and many more. You can watch and listen to these naughty Christmas songs and carols over at YouTube.

7. Do you know Christmas was once banned in Boston? The ban existed as law for 22 years. It took many years, before it was allowed folks in Boston region to celebrate Christmas again. And that was in the mid-1800s. [source:Massachusetts travel journal]

8. Most of us now the eight reindeers:Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen. But do you know that originally Donner and Blitzen were named as “Dunder” and “Blixem”?

9. On 21st December, 2011, the Philippines has made a new Guinness World Record for having the biggest number of Kris Kringle participant (4,385), as reported by Manila Times. It said to have broken the record set by the United Kingdom.

10. The world’s most expensive Christmas tree :  It was in Muslim country of United Emirates of Abu Dhabi last Christmas (2010).  At the lobby of  Emirates Palace Hotel, to be exact. It was valued at more than $11 million. It was decorated with  181 diamonds, pearls, emeralds, sapphires and other precious stones.

world most expensive christmas tree dubai
World Most Expensive Christmas Tree Dubai

According to the  general manager pf this 7-star hotel, he did not believe the tree would offend religious sensibilities.

Hope you enjoy my selection of fun facts about Christmas and let me wish all our readers ” A Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year”. Ho…ho…ho… (ops!) Ha…ha…ha…


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