Funny Malaysia News: DAP Satay Party, MCA Wantan Party

Here is a piece of funny Malaysia news: MCA deputy president Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai called opposition party DAP as a “satay party”. Some of you may wonder why he uses the word “satay”?

He doesn’t mean DAP is having a good time,or DAP is as popular as satay among Malaysians. Definitely Liow doesn’t imply DAP is “ho-liow” (good stuff in Hokkien) or “full of meat” (meaning having solid or substantial content).

satay party dap malaysia

According to Liow, it is because this popular opposition party DAP likes to fan racial sentiments among the Chinese community. Yeah, I know it’s an odd way of using the term “Satay Party” for DAP.

The mere mention of the word “satay” among Malaysians, usually connotes marinated, skewered and grilled meat, chicken or beef, the town Kajang, peanut sauce or ketupat. And not to fan racial sentiment or resentment among the Chinese.

Anyway, in Malaysia, this tasty satay is usually associated with the Malays. When you say “satay man,” instantly it conjures an image of an elderly Malay Pakcik tottering around, selling his satay in two wooden cabinet-like structure balanced on a pole.

Normally, we don’t go a round calling a person a “satay man” or “satay woman”, just because he or she likes to instigate, to provoke, to incite or to fan resentment among people around him or her. Probably when Liow Tiong Lai used the phrase “to fan racial sentiment”, he immediately thought of the word “satay”, because he has just had satay a while ago.

Well, if DAP is a “satay party”, then some of you might call MCA as a “wantan party”. It is not only because MAC is soft and soggy, but the word “wantan” sounds like a goner or doomed in Mandarin.

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