Funny Malaysian Stories: Kotor T-shirts By Bersih Supporters

Here is one of thoseĀ  funny Malaysian stories of the Bersih 2.0 rally supporters. To avoid being arrested by the police for wearing Bersih yellow T-shirts, Gopeng MP Dr Lee Boon Chye, Simpang Pulai assemblyperson Chan Ming Kai together with their “entorage”, they played “dirty” by wearing yellow “Kotor” T-shirts.

"bersih2.0 rally kotor tshirts"
Bersih2.0 Supporters Main "Kotor"!

The “Kotor” t-shirt is a spoof of the Bersih t-shirt; instead of a tick, now it has an “X” and the words “bersihkan pilihanraya” (clean up the elections) is replaced with ‘BN’ and ’53 tahun’ (53 years). ey were wearing “Kotor” T-shirts during theirĀ  walkabout in Gunung Rapat wet market in Ipoh. (source:Malaysiakini)

I know you cannot find such Malaysian humor in the mainstream media.