Two Free Magic eBooks The Gag Bag By Harry Stanley

For those of you who are into magic performance knows the importance of patter, especially those who do close-up magic.

Gag Bag Magic Books By Harry Stanley

Patter is dialogue use during a trick. Magicians use patter to interact with his spectator as well as a misdirection. It is the one of the most important elements of a magic routine.

gag bag magic books by harry stanleyHere are two old classic booklets called “The Gag Bag” and “The Gag Bag 2” by British magician Harry Stanley published back in 1945 and 1946 respectively.

You can read or download  these two books from State Library of Victoria.

1. The Gag Bag

2. The Gag Bag 2

Update: Sorry, both of these books have been removed from the site due to copyright.