How To Generate Strong Unique Password And Where To Store Them Securely

Find out how to generate strong unique password tips and where to store them.

Recently there is a report about the on-going global cyber attack on WordPress sites using brute force.

According to hosting providers HostGator, more than 90,000 sites was attacked.

So it is high time to protect your passwords from being hacked.

How To Generate Strong Unique passwordHere are some tips on how to protect your logins and passwords.

How To Generate Strong Unique Password

Firstly create a strong unique password which use a combination of words, numbers, symbols, and both upper- and lower-case letters.

The longer the length of password (at least 8 characters) makes it harder for those hacker using brute-force methods.

DO NOT store your list of passwords on your computer in plain text.

One way to remember your passwords is to create a list of every site for which you have a password.

Then next to each one write your login name and add a clue of that particular password, which is only known to you.

Here are three options where you can store your logins and secret passwords.

1. Third Party Password Managers
You can store them at password manager programs such as:


Keepass Password Safe




You store all your logins and passwords that is protected by just ONE master password.

One important point is, you have to remember your master keyword.

If you forget, then you can never recover all your logins and passwords!

2. Online Password Manager

You can also store your secret logins and passwords in PassPack.

It is similar to the above tools. But all your info is stored on an external web server.

They can be accessed from any other computer with Internet connection with just one master password.

Free account available for only 100 passwords.

3.Portable Password Manager

KeePass also available in a portable app, which you can be securely store it on a USB flash drive, portable hard drive, CD or your iPod.

KeePass runs without installation and won’t leave any traces once the USB stick is plugged out of the computer.

You can use it on any computer, without leaving any personal information behind.

Here is a tool which can generate strong and unique passwords which you might like to check it out.

You can also download the tool from Github as a ZIP file.

Then run it offline on a USB drive or upload it to Dropbox.

This is another interesting way to come up with unique passwords suggested by security team from Mozilla.

Free Tools To Check The Strength Of Passwords

Here is a free online tool by Comparitech, to access the strength of your password; whether it  is strong or weak.

This is another password strength checker called Password Meter.

Besides checking on the strength of your password, it also offer ideas on what type of characters can you add or remove to improve the password’s strength.