Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball From Muar or Bandar Maharani

When you talk about Hainanese chicken rice balls, forget about those those tiny rice balls you which you get in Melaka; especially the one at Joker Street Walk.
If you really want to eat authentic Hainanese chicken rice balls, then head south to Bandar Maharani or better known as Muar Town or “Ma-Po” in Hokkien. 


muar hainese chicken rice balls jalan sisi
 Personally, I find those golf-ball sized chicken rice from Melaka (Chung Wah and Hoe Kee) not comparable to those Hainanese chicken rice ball (tennis-ball sized) from Muar town.

The most important thing for any chicken rice recipe is the rice itself. It has to be fragrant with chicken flavor. There must have enough chicken fat/oil in the rice. 

Muar chicken rice stall at Jalan Sisi

Do you know that Muar Hainanese chicken ball can even eat it on its own? You don’t even need the chicken meat at all. When we were school kids back in the early 70s, with our limited pocket money, my friends and I would just buy a chicken rice ball each in a plastic bag. The rice ball was drizzled with the thick soya sauce and a dash of chilli.

Do you know that many Chinese Muarians (Muar folks) have Hainanese chicken balls for breakfast, instead of the conventional nasi lemak, roti canai or noodles?

Next time when you are in Bandar Maharani or Muar, try out this authentic Hainanese chicken ball. 

Hainanese chicken rice balls stalls in Muar

There are two well-known chicken ball stalls which happened to be on the same row of prewar shop houses at Jalan Sisi; in fact two doors away from each other. 

Muar chicken rice balls Chuan Huat coffeeshop

The first one is selling at the corner kopi-tiam of Chuan Huat (above), which is actually at the cross-roads of Jalan Sisi and Jalan Meriam. The other stall is Restaurant “Jit Fat” or “Che Fark” in Mandarin.

Both served equally delicious Hainanese chicken rice balls. The chicken rice ball costs 30 sen each.

Hainanese chicke rice balls Jit Fat Jalan Sisi Muar

I am very sure Hainanese chicken rice balls originated from Muar. As far as I can remember, I have been eating this dish since the 70s. I have visited Malacca (Melaka), in the 70s and 80s, I did not come across any food stall selling chicken rice ball then. 

But whatever it is, you should try out the real taste of Hainanese chicken rice ball from Muar Town or “Ma-Po”.

UPDATE (2012): The chicken rice stall at  Chuan Huat coffeeshop has ceased operation. The corner kopitiam has been renovated and  taken over by a modern cafe serving halal food.

 Jit Fat has moved to 119-4 Jalan Meriam (directly opposite Nattukottai Chettiars’ Sri Murugan Temple) which is just a walking distance away from its former premises.

By the way, they have another shop called Jie Chun at 250, Jalan Sakeh, Taman Sri Emas, Muar.

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