Malaysian Legend Story: Hang Tuah And Hang Li Po Did Not Exist

Malaysian legend story shocker. The Malay hero Hang Tuah and the Ming Princess Hang Li Poh are merely Malaysian myths and legends, and not historical facts.

According to historian Prof Emeritus Khoo Kay Kim said there is no written record of the existence of Malay warrior Hang Tuah or Hang Jebat and the fifth wife of Melaka Sultan Mansor Shah, Hang Li Poh.

So, will our wira Melayu Hang Tuah going to be “hilang di dunia“?

kartun malaysia hang tuah myth
Kartun Malaysia Hang Tuah Myth

If what Prof Khoo said is true, will it somehow affect a big part of Melaka’s glorious history? So, what will happen to the honor of Pingat Hang Tuah, Hang Tuah Mausoleum at Tanjung Kling, Hang Li Po’s Well aka King’s Well located at the foot of Bukit Cina? Will tourists stop visiting these so-called historical sites in Melaka?

Historian Khoo Kay Kim even suggested that Malaysian history textbooks would have to be rewritten.

Talking about whether Hang Tuah existed or not, I heard some Malaysians have sighted this Malay warrior somersaulted into a convenience store one night, ate Kit Kat crisp wafer and then “flew” out of the door, without even paying.

Then there is another sighting of  Hang Tuah who is a dishy-looking Mat Salleh celup.

 stephen rahman-hughes pgl
Stephen Rahman-Hughes PGL

Now I think Hang Tuah is a myth lah!

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