Harith Iskander Most Funny Joke Is No Laughing Matter

Have you heard Harith Iskander most funny joke of his stand up comedy career?

I know this is an old joke (2019), but it is still as hilarious as some of his jokes which are enjoyed by Malaysian audience.

Remember back in December 2016, many Malaysians were overjoyed when “the Godfather of Stand-Up Comedy” of Malaysia, Harith Iskander was crowned the “World’s Funniest Person” by US comedy club chain Laugh Factory in Helsinki, Finland.

Harith Iskander most funny joke

As reported, Malaysian stand up comedian Harith will receive the grand prize of US $100,000.

Malaysia newspaper The Star proudly proclaimed Harith, world’s funniest person, without the quotation marks.

Then in 2019, it was reported that Harith Iskander sued The Laugh Factory for failing to pay the prize he won in a 2016 competition in full.

On February 22, 2019, poor Harith took to his Facebook page, to make his public statement regarding alleged unpaid dues.

Iskander Most Funny Joke Of His Career

Now, get ready for Harith Iskander most funny joke.

Laugh Factory counter-sued Harith Iskander aka “Funniest Person in the World” for allegedly stealing trade secrets.

Not only Harith did not get his unpaid dues, he was sued for stealing its trade secrets and other things.

Alamak! why like that one?!

Laugh Factory was asking the court for at least $10 million in compensatory damages, plus a disgorgement of Iskander’s profits and punitive damages.

This is no laughing matter.

As mentioned in The Hollywood Reporter, Iskander approached Laugh Factory owner Jamie Masada, offering to open Laugh Factory clubs in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Jakarta.

Oh yes, the disgraced convicted ex-PM of Malaysia, Najib Razak was said to be his silent partner in this business deal.

Jamie Masada said it was all a scam.

Laugh Factory attorney David Martin wrote this in the filing:

Iskander never intended to honor this agreement; rather, it was a deceit designed to gain access to and then misappropriate Defendants’ protected, proprietary intellectual property, including trade secrets, trademarks, business operations, and other intellectual property.

As we all know Harith Iskander is behind the comedy venue The Joke Factory located at the Publika Shopping Gallery, Kuala Lumpur.

The Laugh Factory and The Joke Factory, isn’t it funnily similar?

Laugh Factory also claimed that the comedian failed to meet the performance obligation and that he cheated to win.

In 2018, The Wrap, a news organization covering the business of entertainment and media, ranked Harith Iskander Netflix Special “I Told You So” as the worst show of the year.

Well, some think these unfortunate incidents are Harith Iskander most funny joke in his standup comedy career so far.

Better luck or rather better laugh next time.