Health Conscious Malaysians: Soy And Soy Products Cause Infertility To Women And Erectile Dysfunction To Men

For health conscious Malaysians, have you heard that consuming soy products can cause infertility in women and reduce libido and erectile dysfunction for men?

So you Malaysian men, it is better you go slow with favorite bowl of tau-fu fah (soy custard) or your glass of tau cheong sui (soy milk)!

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Soy And Soy Products Infertility & Erectile Dysfunction

I remember back in the early 1990’s, there were so many claims in the market about the  health benefits of soy and soy products (tempeh, natto, miso, tofu, bean curd, soy milk, soy sauce, etc.) Ranging from able to lower cholesterol to eliminate the heat out of hot flashes and protect against breast and prostate cancer.

Recently I read that most of these claims are NOT true. Now they say, soy foods contain high levels of aluminum which is toxic and can cause infertility and to promote breast cancer in adult women. For those who consume tofu and bean curd as a substitute for meat and dairy products are at risk of several mineral deficiencies. Soy foods block calcium and cause vitamin D deficiencies.

According to a report, women who consume genetically modified soy products are at higher risk of developing what we called retrograde menstruation (the menstrual cycle backs up into the body instead of outward), which can cause endometriosis And  that can lead to infertility.

The consumption of soy-based products can also cause abnormally heavy or longer menstrual periods.

For men, beware when eating products having soy ingredients. Soy has also been linked to erectile dysfunction (ED).

It is said that the two drugs (genistein and daidzein) found in soy, can mimic estrogen that they can cause a variety of side effects in men. For instances, erectile dysfunction, decreased in libido, lower sperm count, and even breast enlargement in men.

Interestingly, I heard somewhere that celibate monks who are vegetarians find soy foods can help them to dampen their libido.

So you health-conscious Malaysian men and women,  it is better to reduce soy and soy products in your diet. Anyway, for Malaysians who have problem with their libido, should wait for the arrival of Musli Power Xtra capsules aka Indian Viagra.

Health Quote: “Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in hospitals dying of nothing.” – Redd Foxx

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