Hidden Street Corner Of Jalan Kasturi Melaka | Tofu Cafe

Most of you when you pop over to Melaka for the weekend getaway, many of you would definitely patronize the Jonker Walk. You either browse around at the pasar malam (night market) stalls or stuff yourself silly with the hawker food around the vicinity. Or you can sit outside the restaurants enjoying the amateur karaoke singers performing on the stage.

For those of you who prefer beer and live music, then you will chill out at Geographer Cafe, Ringo’s Classic Café or Me & Mrs Jones Cafe.

Instead of this bright, busy and noisy places, do you know there is a hidden quiet dimly-lit street corner surrounded by ancient old buildings, where you can sip beer, eat fried kaoy teow, fresh cockles and also wantan noodles?

By the way the food here costs cheaper than those selling at Jonker Walk area.

This secret romantic corner I talking about is at  Jalan Hang Kasturi. To be precise, it is outside Tofu Cafe. Bala’s Place is just a few doors away.

jalan kasturi tofu cafe melaka
Day Time

At night, this narrow street is rather deserted, hardly any traffic passing by. Tofu  Cafe would put out a low table and a few chairs where you can relax and sip your icy-cold beer together with a bowl of hot wantan mee.

tofu cafe melaka jalan kasturi
Night Time

I noticed there are a couple of hawker stalls around. It would be nice, if someone opens a simple roti-canai-cum-teh-tarik stall there as well.

What I like about this place is it is quiet and the dimly-lit street-lights. During the weekend, you can see children playing badminton in the middle of the road.

Next time, if you are over at Melaka, check out this hidden street corner at Jalan Kasturi.

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