Ho Ping Coffee Shop Penang Funny Sign | Imposed 40 Sen Per Person For Not Drinking

For those of you who have been to this corner Kedai Kopi Ho Ping at the junction of Jalan Penang and Jalan Kampung Malabar, Penang, you would notice  this rather odd hand-written signage in English that reads:

This coffee shop is run by small model, customers are requested to take at least one drink, failing which a charge of 40 sen per person will be imposed“.

ho ping coffee shop penang

Recently it was featured in the Star Metro (29 September, 2012) in “My Kopitiam” series.

Interestingly, Ho Ping lady owner said that she have to put up this sign, because many of her customers who come for the bak moi (pork porridge) refused to order drinks as the dish was watery and filling.

She even said it herself. When one eats the porridge, one would feel full. You do not need any drink as the porridge is full of water.

In order words, the customers are compelled to stuff themselves with their drinks or just pay out the 40 sen for eating in her premises.

I am very sure the pork porridge stall owner is paying her a monthly rental fee.

Personally I haven’t encountered this kind of funny situation in other places.

When the first time my partner and I saw this funny sign hanging on the paint-peeled wall, we nearly choked on our food.

This old traditional Chinese kopitiam is cramped, stuffy, noisy and dusty (from the traffic along the thoroughfare of Jalan Penang).

I know many bloggers have praised about this old eatery, but I find the food selling at this coffee shop is nothing extraordinary.

Though personally I love the fried kway tiow (comes with three big succulent prawns) and the mee goreng (fried noodles).

ho ping penang char kway teow

Beside the lor bak stall, the bak moi (pork porridge) business which is located outside the coffee shop, is another one the more popular hawker stall at Ho Ping coffee shop.

The other day, my partner ordered a bowl of mee suah soup from the bak moi stall, together with extra ‘spare parts’ (pork blood, intestines, liver, etc) and it cost him an exhorbitant RM8.

The mee suah or miswa is not even well cooked.  The noodles all stuck together. The proper way is you should gently stir the mee suah to loosen it up as it becomes soften in the hot boiling water.

Kedai Kopi Ho Ping in Penang opens daily to customers from 8 in the morning to well-past midnight, except Thursdays.