Kuala Lumpur Funny Place | House In The Tree At Crossroads Bukit Bintang Market

Here is one funny place in Kuala Lumpur. It is a-home-in-a-tree. It is located at the crossroads of Jalan Melati, Jalan Melur and Jalan Punai, Kuala Lumpur. To be exact, it is near the temporary car-park at the back entrance of Bukit Bintang Market aka Pasar Baru Bukit Bintang. Yes, that’s is the market food court famous for Ah Weng Koh Hainan Tea or “cham peng“.

kuala lumpur funny place

This shabby make-shift hut is built among some tall roots of an old tree situated at the crossroads. It is haphazardly put together with some abandoned wooden planks and used advertising banners.

house in a tree kuala lumpur

If you drive past this so-called “home in the tree”, you might not notice it, as you would be too concerned watching out for any traffic at the crossroad.

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