How To Chat Up Women Tips From Dr Asian Rake David Tian

How to chat up women tips? Remember the 2005 romantic comedy film “Hitch” which  stars Will Smith together with sexy Eva Mendes, Kevin James, and Amber Valletta. In the movie, the funny Will Smith plays a professional matchmaker, who earns a living teaching men how to woo women.

So, how would you like walk into any bar, club, or even shopping mall and you are sure of  coming out with a drop-dead gorgeous new girlfriend in tow. All this within hours. Isn’t it amazing, guys?

david tian dr date
David Tian Asian Rake

Then you should find out more from Singapore’s premier dating academy, Aura Dating.  It is run by dashing 35 year-old David Tian aka The Asian Rake.

If you are of those guys who are always nervous and self-conscious when you see a babe you’d like to approach, or having problems striking up an interesting conversation with girls, then seek David Tian out.

This dating and lifestyle consultant David Tian, the academy provides year-long programme coaching students on the art of dating and having a relationship.

As reported in the Malaysian news, most of his clients are white-collar workers, aged ranging between 19 and 36 years old.

According to Tian, most men do not have a sense of humor, social skills and confidence to succeed in a relationship.

Besides Singaporeans, others included those from Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Brunei, the United States and Canada.

Check out Dr Asian Rake David Tian’s blog and pick up some of his valuable dating tips on how to pick up women, like how to project sexual vibe, movies for modelling, what you should be thinking when you’re approaching and meeting new women, the use of humor to attract ladies and many more.

So Malaysian men who have problems chatting up women of their dreams, then have a chat with Singapore dating coach David Tian or Dr Asian Rake David of Aura Dating Academy.

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