How To Check You Are Individual Registered Taxpayer In Malaysia

Here are two online sites where you can check whether you have registered as an individual taxpayer in Malaysia.

1. Semakan No. Cukai

Click HERE

Go to the page, fill up your MyCard number.

Type in the safety code as provided.

Then click the ‘Hantar‘ button.

If you are still NOT a registered taxpayer, here is a guide on how to register as a taxpayer with e-Daftar.

2. Semak Status Individu

Click HERE:

Fill in your reference number.

Click the ‘SEMAK‘ button.

If your application is successful, you will get a message saying:

Terima kasih kerana menggunakan Perkhidmatan e-Daftar‘.

Hope you find this quick tip on how to check you are individual registered taxpayer in Malaysia useful.