How To File Individual Income Tax Return e-Filing For Malaysians 2014

This easy-to-understand step-by-step guide on how to how to file individual income tax return e-Filing For Malaysians 2014.

This guide is NOT for the first timer (meaning first time using e-Filing.

This instructions is for those who have already submitted their (ITRF) with e-Filing before.

In other words, you already have a PASSWORD to login to your file.

For those of you who are not sure or have forgotten your PASSWORD, you can try to recover it by going  to:

Here is a guide I wrote back in year 2012 on how to retrieve your forgotten password of e-Filing.

How To Submit e-Filing For Individual Tax Return Assessment Year 2014

Step 1. Get To e-Filing Page


how to do e-filing assessment year 2014Look at the right side of the page where you can see a box (highlighted in red).

Here you key in your MyKad identification number.

Just the numbers without the two dashes. And also key in your password in the box next to a yellow color lock icon.

Then click the Hantar button.

Step 2. Check Your Info
Now you can see your profile page. It shows you two main sets of information for individual certificate.

how to file individual income tax return form online malaysia 2014Basic Information (Maklumat Asas) – Name, Reference Number (Identification
Number), Tax Reference Number, Address, Telephone Number, Branch

Individual Digital Certificate (Sijil Digital Individu) – Certificate Status and Certificate Validity.

Check through and make sure they are all in order.

Then click on the word sini from the remark: Klik sini membuat e-Filing Tahun Taksiraan 2014 located at the bottom of the page (highlighted in red).

Step 3. Select eBE

Now you come to a new page with the title Individu Pemastautin.

submit individual income tax return online year 2014 Here is where you select e-BE Tiada Punca Pendapatan Perniagaan. It simply means without source of income from business. In other words, a makan gaji (wage earner) Malaysian.

Anyway, e-BE is the first one on the page.

Then move your mouse cursor over the blue color box with the white words Tahun Taksiran.

Instantly a menu will drop down, showing you the year:2012, 2013, 2014

Select the year 2014 and click on it. (highlighted in red)

Note: You will see a remark below the page, advising you to turn off your pop-up blocker (if yours is on).

PERHATIAN : Sila tutup pop-up blocker pelayar anda sebelum menggunakan e-borang. Klik di sini bagi kaedah menutup pop-up blocker.

Then click on the word sini from the remark: Klik di sini untuk membuat e-Filing Tahun Taksiran 2014 at the bottom of the page.

Now you are going to do your e-Filing for Assessment Year 2014.

Step 4. Check Your Individual Details

e-filing individual income tax 2014 malaysiaThe first page is titled MAKLUMAT INDIVIDU.  It means individual information. Make sure all your basic individual details are correct as shown. Change it if it is not displaying your latest information.

Below this page you can see three rows of blue color horizontal strips. Click on the first strip.


Step 5. Fill Up Income Details

individual income tax return assessment 2014 malaysia Type in your income details according to the relevant categories.

Also type in the total of your monthly tax deductions (Potongan Cukai Bulanan), if any.

You can get this information in the EA Form provided by your company.

If you have not declared any previous years income, this is where you declare it now.

Next click on the next blue color band which says: PELEPASAN /REBAT / TOLAKAN CUKAI / PERLEPASAN CUKAI

Step 6: Fill Up Tax Reliefs, Rebates And Exemptions

individual income tax e-be assessment year 2014 Here is where you type in your tax reliefs, rebates and exemptions.

Take not: If you fill in those items for tax reliefs, make sure you retain the proof of purchase or spending for the items you are claiming for up to seven (7) years.

Then click on the next blue color band that says: RUMUSAN

Step 7: Find Out How Much Taxes You Need To Pay Or You Have Overpaid

e-filing individual income tax return 2014 After you you have filled up all the reliefs and rebates, it will automatically calculate your taxes accordingly.

Now you will know how much you need to pay (CUKAI KENA DIBAYAR) or whether you have excess (LEBIHAN BAYARAN) in income tax payment.

Once you are satisfied with all the info, click the Teruskan button below.

Step 8: Declare, Sign And Send

submitting income tax return form online 2014The last step is to declare that all the information provided is true.

Click on the Tandatangan & Hantar button at the bottom of the page. (highlighted in red)

Once it is done, it will acknowledge and show you a receipt.

You can save or print the accepted submission receipt by clicking on Simpan & Cetak Pergesahan.

You can also save or print the submitted form by pressing the Simpan & Cetak e-BE.

That’s all you need to submit your income tax return form online or e-Filing for Assessment Year 2014.