How To Register As Individual Taxpayer In Malaysia Online With e-Daftar

Here is an easy-to-understand guide on how to register online as an individual taxpayer with e-Daftar in Malaysia.

how to register as individual taxpayer in Malaysia online with e-DaftarClick HERE.

Fill up the form and click the ‘Hantar‘ button.

After you click ‘Hantar‘, it will advise you to reconfirm your information.

After you have confirmed it, you will get your application number. It is indicated next to the remark ‘No. Permohonan Anda ialah‘.

It also mentions that the application number will appear only once on the screen and you are also advised to keep the application number for reference.

Next, you need to upload a copy of your MyCard.

Click the link: ‘Muat Naik Disini‘.

Take Note: Requirements for the photo of your MyCard:

* only front side is required in which it shows your name and I.C. number clearly

* only .gif file is accepted

* the file size has to be in between 40k and 60k

* file name has to be in alphanumeric only (a-z,A-Z dan 0-9)

For safety purpose, it’s advisable to have the word ‘For IRB use only‘ on the photo.

This is how you upload your MyCard picture:

Click on ‘Choose file‘ to select your file. Then click on the ‘Muat naik‘ button.

Once the file has completed uploading, you will see this remark: ‘Dokumen Telah Diterima.

That’s all. This is how to register as individual taxpayer in Malaysia online with e-Daftar.  Just wait for confirmation from Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (IRBM).

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