How To Register Email address With Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia Online

Before you can do any e-Filing, you need to have a PIN Number.

But before you can get the PIN Number from IRBM or LHDN, you have to register your email address with them.

In other words, to register your email address is the first step, before you can do e-Filing as a registered taxpayer.

How To Register Email Address With Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia Online

Two methods:

1. Go the nearest IRBM/LHDN branch office in your area.

2. Register it online.

How To Do It Online:

Click here to: Customer Feedback System page.

Hover your cursor or mouse pointer over the word “Application”.

A menu will instantly drop down.

Click on ‘e-Filing PIN Individual‘.

A page with a brown colored box with details will pop up as shown below.

how to apply pin number individual income tax malaysiaClick on the link: CP600B form.

Print out this form.

Fill up all the details under MAKLUMAT ASAS and also include your signature under PENGAKUAN in black ink.

Then save it in your computer.

(You don’t need the brown color pop-up box, you can close it.)

Now go back to the Customer Feedback System page.

Click the ‘Next‘ button below.

You will see alight sky-blue page.

Fill up all the required details.

At the ATTACHMENT, here you attach the following documents:

* Completed CP600B form
* Photocopy of MyKad (both front and back side).

Complete up the required details like SECURITY CODE and tick the small box beside the remark: ‘I hereby agree and acknowledge that LHDNM shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by usage of the service and of any information obtained from this website.’

Finally click the ‘Submit‘ button.

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