How To Remove Pop-up Without Close (Cross) Button

Are you one of those who hate this; while you are reading a blog post and suddenly a huge popup appears right into your face and block you from reading the content?

You cannot find any “X” or cross sign (close button) where you can close or remove the intrusive box.

Now the page content behind the pop-up is blurred or grey-out.

how to remove popup without close(cross) button)Personally I know there is one popular site about SEO and backlinks, that has this extra-large pop-up opt-in page that appears over the blog post or article, wanting to collect your email address.

As I have mentioned above, there is no way of closing or removing the humongous pop-up.

There is no close (cross) button. If you close and reopen the page, after a while the popup comes back again and locks you out.

In other words, the owner of the blog doesn’t want you to read, unless you surrender your email address to him.

Anyway, there is way to get rid of this irritating pop-up out of your way, so you can continue reading its content.

This is what you do:

1. When the pop-up appears, you right click on the page.

2. A menu box appears. Click on ‘Inspect Element (Q)‘.

3. Now you should see the bottom half the page with html code.

4. Move your cursor in the html code section , until you see the popup is highlighted in blurred light blue color.

5. Then right click on that particular code. A menu box will pop up and you click ‘Delete Node’.

6. Instantly the popup is gone.

7. Then click the “X” sign (close button)  at the right hand corner of the html code to close it.

Now you can continue reading the article or blog content.

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