Billy Gibby aka Human Billboard Raising Money To Remove Tattoos

Back in 2007, Billy Gibby of Anchorage, Alaska, aka “Hostgator Dotcom” and “Billy The Human Billboard”, started selling tattoo ad space on his face.

He was aiming for a Guinness World Record for the most corporate logos tattooed on a human body. This weird man even changed his name Billy Gibby to Hostgator Dot Com.

billy gibby aka hosgator dot com human billboard

In the beginning, this 32 year-old guy sold them for $300 to $1000, and then the price dropped down to $75. He has more than 20 facial tattoos, a couple of them were purchased by adult sites.

Today, this ‘Human Billboard” is trying to raise money to get rid off the tattoos. He told The Huffington Post, he regretted them because he only did them because of his mental illness (bipolar disorder).