How To Increase Water Flow For Plastic Chrome Shower Head For Malaysians

For those of you who to know how to increase water flow for plastic chrome shower head.

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The other day I decided to replace my twenty odd year old wall-mounted shower head of my bathroom.

The plastic nozzle area is stained with unsightly orange rust color.

After replacing it a brand new plastic chrome shower head (RM7), I noticed the water flow coming out from the holes was weaker as compared with my old shower head.

Increase Water Flow For Plastic Chrome Shower HeadBy the way, each time when I take my bath, I love to let the cool water from the shower head spray directly on the nape of my neck and both shoulders for a minute or two.

Personally I find it helps to release the stiffness at the back of my neck and shoulders after hunching over my laptop the whole day.

It is invigorating and refreshing.

Poor Spray Shower Head

As I said, with the newly replaced shower head, I found that the water shooting out from the holes was so much weaker.

I unscrewed the shower head, and I discovered the two areas which restricted the water flow.

How To Increase Water Flow For Plastic Chrome Shower Head

Firstly it is the size of the hole of the ball-shaped part at the end of the pipe which it is screwed on to the bathroom wall.

This is where the water shoots out. It is also known as the shower head arm.

As it is made of plastic, I used a small round file to enlarge or widen the hole all round slightly.

The second part, which is the key problem that hinders or blocks the proper flow of the water, before it shoots out through the nozzle disc.

Upon closer inspection at the back of the shower head , I noticed there is a strip with a screw right across the center of the main hole.

Then I found that the purpose of that obstructing strip is to hold the nozzle disc in front with a screw.

Now you can see how small the main opening of this shower head.  See the image below.

increase water flow plastic chrome shower head tipHere is how it looks like inside, when I unscrewed it apart.

increase water flow plastic chrome shower headThis is what I called a bad design. You don’t hamper the main entrance where the water comes in.

My old shower head doesn’t have that obstructive piece. It doesn’t need it. The nozzle disc itself is held tightly on to the shower head frame.

So what I did was, I used a pair of pliers to remove both the obstructing strip and the part which is attached on the back of the nozzle disc, where it holds the screw.

You can see the removed parts beside the show head in the photo below.

Increase Water Flow For Plastic Chrome Shower HeadThen I applied some super glue all round the edge of the nozzle disc.

Carefully I attached it together with the main part of the shower head.

Then I let it to dry for a few minutes.

Now, the water flow is so much stronger, just like the one coming from my old shower head.

By the way, I went to check those cheap round-shaped four and the half centimeter show head design , and I discovered that all of them come with that obstructing piece to hold the nozzle disc.

Well, here is a simple and effective way to increase water flow for plastic chrome shower head.