Useful Information For Tourists To Make Their Holidays More Enjoyable

As a tourist visiting a foreign country, the first thing we get our hands on are tourist maps and whatever multifold brochures for tourists. We want to get as much information as possible to guide and help us to find our way around.

But the sad fact is, many of these free maps and brochures are not really that user-friendly. Many of these maps are difficult to find the locations which you’re looking for. Usually  it is huge map of the city where all  the details (like road names, tourist spots, public transport terminals, MRT lines, etc) appeared tiny and overlapping each other in the crammed map; which makes it difficult to read. They squeezed so many details in such a small space, just like the Taipei city map below:

taipei city map for tourists

As a first-time tourist to the country, the above map and information can be confusing. I believe as a tourist to a foreign country, what one needs is an uncluttered together with just-enough information of a particular area. What I’m trying to say is break it up into tiny chunks; so they can be easily understood.

For instance, my recent trip to Taiwan, I was unable to find a all-in-one information about tourist attractions which can be reached only by MRT(mass rapid transit). Of course you can find this information from different travel magazines, books, blogs and websites. But you cannot find this kind of useful info in one single place about visiting interesting places in Taipei via MRT. Simple, straight-forward and useful information.

Another useful information for tourists to a foreign country is how to get from the airport to the city, where most hotels are located. Taking a taxi to the city is easy, but it can be tricky. As we all know, most, if not all airport taxi drivers all over the world are not trustworthy. Unless it has airport taxi services, which you purchase a ticket at a fixed amount.

As most airports are far away from the city, so it is rather costly to take a taxi or to use the hotel limousine service. Most of us would prefer to save money on transportation to our hotel. The best option is to take public buses.

So there should be a all-in-one information solely on bus services from airport to city and vice versa. Like this one about bus from Taoyuan Airport To Taipei Main Station in the city center.

At Malaysia Happenings, besides our fun and wacky articles from Malaysia and around the world, we would also be providing more  useful information solely for Malaysians.  Be they travel tips, eating places, making & saving money advice, and many more interesting and relevant stuff. Stay with us. Happy reading.